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Hildebrandt Co. has a rich history in the Cleveland, OH region.  Our background began as a family owned meat processing firm back in the late 1800’s and continued through the 1970’s. Today, Hildebrandt Co. is a HUB for local artists and food entrepreneurs in the Cleveland limits.  Offering ideal space with flexible square footage, high ceilings, and plenty of storage; it can provide any company the foundation it needs to grow.​


Hildebrandt Co. is conveniently located on the westside, near the Westside Market. We are known for quality service, dedication to the community, and pride in our buiding.  Contact us today about our rental space. 


    The Hildebrandt Group   

The Hildebrandt Group, The Non-Profit ARM of the Hildebrandt Provisions Company, was set up to attract and support local artists, food entrepreneurs, culinary artisans, and food production.  In 2012, as the Hildebrandt Building transitioned into a community hub for the Clark Fulton neighborhood we realized the need to provide space for individuals who were just starting their dream.  Today, we provide variety of space and tools to help budding artist and food entrepreneurs; this includes studio and gallery space, a full community kitchen, tasting rooms, office space, and entertainment areas.  We are partnering with community programs, community leaders, and any other potentials avenues that would assist the growth of our tenants.  Through this group, we have been fortunate to house some extremely talented artists and food artisans who have flourished and grown. For more information on the Hildebrandt Group, please call 216-961-9093.


The Hildebrandt Group Charter #2105203

The Hildebrandt Group Doc: #2147483647

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